Cañada College Scholarship Awards 2016

On Friday, May 13, 2016, the Barthold Family Foundation (“BFF”) was invited to attend the Cañada College Student Recognition Reception. It was held at the college and was a lovely event. Each year, we are amazed by the dedication and perseverance of each scholarship recipient. Many of these students have gone back to school after facing difficulty in life.  Others are returning after a break to continue their education.  It is humbling and an honor to be a part of their journey. This year, the BFF scholarship recipients shared their incredible life stories and educational dreams with us. Each one is so deserving and wish them all the best in their futures. Below are a few photos and the names of our scholarship recipients.


Robert Stiff Recipient Gabriela Ramirez with Diedre Collier, daughter of Robert Stiff


(L to R) Robert Stiff Scholarship Recipient Evelyn Valenzuela, Diedre Collier, BFF Member Kelsey Unger, and Laura Hill Griffin Scholarship Recipient Patricia Oliver

Christine Ryland Scholarship

Sara Amiri

Connie Barthold Scholarship

Ingrid Martinez

Edward Barthold Scholarship

Maria Aguayo

F.L. Griffin Scholarship

Corina Enriquez

Laura Hill Griffin Scholarship

Patricia Oliver

Robert Stiff Scholarship

Gabriela Ramirez & Evelyn Valenzuela

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